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Bariatric and Nutrition

Do you need a nutrition evaluation to be cleared for your bariatric surgery?

If so, Joan can help! She has conducted hundreds of nutrition evaluations for patients about to undergo gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgery. She helps to prepare patients for surgery by sharing what she calls, the ‘healthy habits’. She will also share the tools and resources you need to know for post-op. You will learn the 4 W’s: what to eat, when to eat, where to eat, and why to eat. You will be more confident and completely prepared for your upcoming bariatric surgery.

Are you frustrated with your post-op weight loss or are you unsure if you eating adequately enough to meet your individualized nutrition goals?

If so, Joan can help! She provides post-op nutrition education, support, and accountability to help you reach your weight loss goals. You will need to provide a 3-day food record or journal so she can evaluate your protein, vitamin and mineral, and your calorie intake. She will help you move forward and keep progressing to reach your weight loss goals.

Diabetes and Nutrition

Do you need help learning what to eat with diabetes?

If so, Joan can help! She has helped hundreds of patients in the last 25 years manage their blood sugars by eating the right foods and the right amounts of food. She will share with you the 5 M’s to managing your blood sugars: Monitoring, Motion, Managing, Medication, and Meals. She will teach you in a very practical way how to balance your plate with the right nutrients. You will know exactly what to eat to get control of your diabetes and improve your quality of life!

Weight Loss and Nutrition For Adults

Are you tired of yo-yo dieting or gaining more weight after each diet you try?

If so, Joan can help! She has helped hundreds of patients in the last 25 years understand the proper methods and behavior techniques needed to achieve their weight loss goals.

Weight Loss and Nutrition For Kids

Is your child overweight or obese?

If so, Joan can help! Growing kids come in all shapes and sizes. But if your child is overweight or obese, it increases their risk of developing asthma, sleep apnea, high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Work with Joan to help your child achieve a healthy weight, while learning healthy food habits and a healthy relationship with food. Kids will learn about current eating trends, lifestyle behaviors, making healthier choices, portion sizes, schedules and more. They’ll also learn which behaviors affect nutrition and how the family plays a role in children’s health.

Choose to ‘Continue Coaching & Care’ with Me on a Monthly Basis!

Staying on track and staying focused to reach your weight loss goals can be challenging. I truly believe in on-going support on an individual basis. You know how easy it is to get off track, get frustrated, and even, give up. I will keep you motivated, cheer you on, and ensure you keep going every day to reach your goals!

Here are some Reasons to sign up with me to “Continue Coaching YOUR Care”:

  • Reassurance. If you are unsure or confused if you are eating the right amount or the right foods, I will be there to reassure you. I can review your food logs and make recommendations to reassure you or reset your eating to ensure you are headed in the right direction.
  • Reinforce. Can’t remember what or how much you are supposed to eat? I will reinforce and re-educate you on the basic principles of eating after bariatric surgery. No more worrying, just let me help reinforce the right principles.
  • Reapply. Sometimes you may know what to eat or what to do, but you are not motivated to apply it. I am here to share with you how to reapply your new healthy lifestyle and eating plan for a lifetime. I will keep you charged and revitalize you to keep pressing on.
  • Results. I will guide you in the right direction to help you reach your goals to get the results you want. Support, accountability, effort, and motivation is key to reaching your goals.

    By signing up for “Continue Coaching & Care”, here is what you will get:

  • Access to attend our Monthly Support Group for FREE.
  • Two 20-minute follow-ups to review your food records and food logs together to continue care. This way, I can ‘reassure’, ‘reinforce’, ‘reapply’ healthy eating principles to help keep you on track to get the ‘results’ you want.
  • New recipes and meal plans to help inspire and encourage you to try new meals.
  • Nutrition, wellness, or health videos and/or worksheets to help you learn more, stay motivated, and press on!

    Email me today to learn more and sign up for
    “Continue Coaching & Care!"
    Space is limited.

    Email: joanzcornier@gmail.com

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