I’m ready for what lies ahead now so I can stop worrying about my food intake and what it will be like.


She was very knowledgeable with my surgeons clinic and the process. She made me feel comfortable.


Joan was very precise and knowledgeable. I was happy when she answered all my questions and concerns. Overall, I was very satisfied.


Joan was very helpful and professional. She provided me with a lot of useful information.


Extremely nice and helpful!


Thank you for taking your time with me and answering my questions. You were very helpful.


I felt very comfortable talking with her. She is very knowledgeable.


I appreciate all of the information and recommendations you provided. Thank you so much!


Coming in to this journey had N0 idea of what to expect. Now, I feel confident and positive of what’s coming.


Thank you. Learning how much protein I should consume was very helpful. Looking forward to applying what I learned. Thank you.


She is great answering questions and made me feel comfortable talking to her.


Very communicative and knowledgeable.


Very knowledgeable! Easy to speak to about questions or concerns.


I love that she knew her stuff! She listened and answered any concerns I had.


Joan was extremely friendly, encouraging, and knowledgable. I was very nervous about our appointment, and her friendly demeanor and clear explanations helped me a lot.


Joan is very detailed. She wants to make sure you know exactly how things will be after surgery. She is awesome. Opens herself up to any questions you may have before and after surgery.


Joan made it very clear and easier to understand what I will be eating Pre & Post Ops.


After our meeting, I know feel more confident about my surgery and results after.


I was struggling around 3:00pm with hunger and she gave me options to hold me over until dinner, which was extremely helpful.


Joan provided me with an abundance of nutritional information, answered all of my questions, and was able to meet with me via Whatsapp at a time most convenient to me.


Joan was so pleasant to work with and made me feel comfortable every step of the way. She explained how I needed to change my eating habits in a way that I think I CAN DO it!


Joan is very thorough in explaining what to eat before and especially, what to eat after surgery. I now feel prepared and ready to get this surgery!


I am so thankful to work with Joan. She is very detailed and provided me with the information i needed to be comfortable with understanding the nutrition and foods I should eat.


On recommendation of my Doctor, I contacted Joan for help in defining my nutritional needs before and after my gastric sleeve surgery. She gave excellent guidance and ideas on how to achieve the goals for my success.


"Joan was superbly helpful in preparing me for my VSG surgery! She was kind and understanding, treated me as an individual and not just another client, and most importantly, she discussed at length the importance of my pre-op and post-op diets. She helped me to understand the steps, choices, and options I have to be successful after this life-changing surgery. Thank you so much Joan!"


It was such a pleasure meeting and speaking with Joan. She really helped me come to the realization of how I will need to change my lifestyle of eating. Retraining my brain to eat right will save my life. She gave me so many details on what I can and what I can’t eat before and after the surgery. I’m so grateful for Joan!


I am very grateful for all the information that nutritionist Joan gave me, I learned how to follow the nutritional plan in this new process of changing my life. She explained to me how exactly to follow my daily food intake in the easiest way possible.


Joan is extremely knowledgeable and very nice. I feel very confident talking to her.


Made everything super easy! Great communication skills and very professional.


Talking with Joan, I felt confortable and she answered all my questions and concerns. Also she was pleasant and non-judgmental, which is why I will continue to work with her.


Joan made me feel very comfortable talking to her about my struggles with weight loss.


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